Anonymous Tips

  • If this is an emergency, immediately call 911. Do NOT use this form.

    NOTICE: The Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Section 4904 (Unsworn falsification to authorities), makes it a crime to knowingly report false information to the police.

  • List the exact street number, apartment number, and if it's on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd floor. The more detail, the better.
  • List the time of day or time period. Is it recurring?
  • Hours, days, weeks, months
  • If yes, list their first and last names. Also list their address and contact numbers if known.
  • If yes, list the license plate number, make, model, and color.
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional

Department Personnel

Chief Ed Haugh

Lieutenant Anthony J. Hall
Ext. 153

Sergeant Jason H. Smith
Ext. 169

Officer Laurel L. Bair
Ext. 154

Officer David W. Clancy
Ext. 161

Officer Jeremy Kauffman
Ext. 162

Officer Michael J. Kimes
Ext. 171

Officer Bret McFarland
Ext. 170

Officer Zachary Meador
Ext. 166

Officer Nicholas Neely
Ext. 164

Officer Scott Ney
Ext. 165

Officer James Raynor
Ext. 172

Officer Wilfredo Rivera
Ext. 167

Officer Carlos Crispin-Rodriguez
Ext. 163

Officer Richard Siegel
Ext. 168

Officer L. Jeffrey Sosnoski
Ext. 156

Officer Arthur White, part-time
Ext. 160

Officer Kirk Colwell, part-time